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Marketing and ski resorts? From the best and worst USA.

17 May

Marketing is a word that is repeated continuously at every level and in every sector. When there is a problem cause/solution they seem to be always referable to marketing. The addition of the term digital or digital marketing has exponentially increased the flow of information / messages and the resulting feedback that is now almost immediate. Ski resorts do not…

Snowfarm: a sustainable practice for snow conservation

05 May

I read an article published in @mount_city that questioned the choice made by Riale in Val Formazza (VCO) to use the snowfarming technique to accumulate and maintain the snow of the winter season just ended in order to prepare a cross-country ski trail for an early start of the next season. Personally, I think it’s a good choice for a…

Social Media alert! My credibility is important, do not manipulate it!

25 Apr

All of us, for leisure and a lot of work, use social media as a channel of information, to promote our business, products and services. We do this in order to reach the market more easily and economically. That is, other users/companies that through social networks search for activities, products and services. This delicate balance between supply and demand, on…

easyJet Put 19-20 Winter Season Flights On Sale Early – This Thursday

09 Apr

EasyJet has announced they are putting seats on sale for all flights for almost all of next winter this Thursday 11 April 2019. Probably the small alpine ski resorts or however the more traditional ones are not realizing “hunger” of ski holidays that there are around the world It’s the earliest the airline has out tickets on sale, some almost…

Protect Our Winters (POW) Annual Report 2018

06 Apr

The science is screaming that we are in a no-fall zone. As climate change continues to alter both built and natural landscapes, the loss of powder days will be the least of our worries. Our businesses, landscapes and communities are at stake. OUR CHALLENGE IS PAST VS. FUTURE The past perpetuates unsustainable technologies. It banks on complacency to stifle innovation…

Club Med’s strategy for the Mountain of the Future

02 Apr

Club Med celebrates 2018 with an 8% increase in turnover and a 6.7% increase in attendance at its facilities. One of the group’s objectives is the internationalisation of its clientele, which is now close to 70%, with Brazil, South Africa, Taiwan and Australia leading the way. The trend will be to take advantage of the bi-seasonal nature of the mountains…

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