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Epic-Ikon-Magic Pass, solving ski problems?

05 Mar

World skiing is divided according to the group to which the main Multiresort Ski Passes belong, which are Epic and Ikon Pass, as well as a European reality, Switzerland, called Magic Pass. In the future there will certainly be more.
This tool allows the skier through a single SkiPass to share the experience of skiing in the different participating resorts, there are options “all inclusive” where you can ski in every resort from the U.S. to France to Japan without restrictions or there are options where in addition to the preferred ski area you have the opportunity to ski for a limited number of days in other ski resorts. This depends on the price you intend to pay.
Normally the cost of these Multiresort Passes are extremely agressive and attractive even if purchased well in advance, even at the end of the previous ski season. Are we sure that we are really convenient for skiers and for the ski resorts?
Usually, these products are of interest to tourist resorts if they aim to attract new visitors during the low season, while otherwise they are only a lower income compared to a ski pass purchased at full price.
Consortiuming stations of different sizes, services and loyal customers makes this challenge complex.
The future of sustainable skiing in our mountains depends on the organisational capacity of the ski resorts to plan their services over the long term.

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