07 Mar

The Swiss athlete (with English origins) has decided to help organizations that seek to raise awareness of climate change and global warming in the world. Rightly he does it also for himself being an elite skier, spurred perhaps by the attitude taken by the great FIS leader GianFranco Kasper, now 75 years old, who has taken an ambiguous position on these issues. Ricordiamo che l’associazione POW (Protect Our Winters) e BURTON snowboard hanno recentemente chiesto al capo della FIS di dimettersi.
The US Ski and Snowboard Federation had collected among its athletes and coaches a POW donation of about $10,000 which it refused out of respect for the athletes and technicians who had collected the sum, as the top management of the FIS did not deserve people of this value. This donation was immediately replaced by a BURTON snowboard donation of equal size.
I believe that the example of the young and talented Swiss skier should be taken as an example to all ski enthusiasts, an example to be inspired not only with money but with the behavior, awareness and vision necessary to maintain the delicate balance of the mountains stable.

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