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Social Media alert! My credibility is important, do not manipulate it!

25 Apr

All of us, for leisure and a lot of work, use social media as a channel of information, to promote our business, products and services. We do this in order to reach the market more easily and economically.

That is, other users/companies that through social networks search for activities, products and services. This delicate balance between supply and demand, on which the market economy is based, is more and more often mediated by social channels. What happens if the intermediation is not transparent, on the contrary, it is intentional and takes the side of one of the parties for pure economic advantage and/or power?

We, the users, are at this point used and this compromises our credibility, which is the basis of the relationship of trust in the market economy. We cannot allow this.

I enclose this extraordinary article presented at TED 2019 in Vancouver which quotes the work of an English correspondent @carolecadwalla from the Observer on the (involuntary?) complicity that Facebook offered to manipulate an extraordinary and potentially catastrophic event like Brexit.

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