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Snowfarm: a sustainable practice for snow conservation

05 May

I read an article published in @mount_city that questioned the choice made by Riale in Val Formazza (VCO) to use the snowfarming technique to accumulate and maintain the snow of the winter season just ended in order to prepare a cross-country ski trail for an early start of the next season.

Personally, I think it’s a good choice for a site like Riale that has altitude, even if it’s not the most important factor, it also has minimal exposure to radiation that remains the decisive aspect for the success of the set-up and especially the preparation of the track does not have such a significant impact on the environment for the movement of snow. On a cross-country trail the snow does not move with the cats but it is much more profitable to load the snow on rubberized vehicles that deposit it on the path.

Snowfarming is certainly the most sustainable means for the early start of the ski season on a cross-country skiing facility (Seefeld, Livigno, Davos, Bessan, Lillehammer, Vuokatti, Canmore, Thunder Bay) and in some lucky sites also for alpine skiing (Levi, Courchevel).

The mountains in winter must be able to provide services and the best season to raise expectations is the initial part, offering the certainty of snow in October / November also opens a slice of the market related to competitive teams, ski clubs that begin before the season on skis taking advantage of the snow etc. .

Hotels, restaurants and all the related activities, thanks to the early preparations, contribute to lengthen the winter season in the tourist area.

Why do we not want to consider this aspect?

Don’t the tourist settlements along our beautiful coast do the same thing? And yet no one dreams of wishing for free and un-equipped beaches along the peninsula.

Let’s take into account the population who live and work in the mountains and how our grandparents once used what the territory offered, sheep farming, wood industry and now especially tourism in the winter season is meant above all the practice of skiing.

Viva le Snowfarm!

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