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MEDIACONSUL has been working on the real estate market for more than 20 years, during this period it has devoted itself to the research and promotion of properties of high architectural and landscape value with particular attention to the Mountain and the Riviera, French and Italian without ever abandoning the most interesting locations in Langhe and in the province of Cuneo and in the big cities of Northern Italy.

Service in these shades has always been at the center of the human resource involved in the transaction, Buyer or Seller in the same way, accompanying it in Security and Transparency at such an important time.

Assistance covers all aspects: from property research to asset valuation and to the preservation of the value it can maintain in the future, from contractualization to the synthesis of demand / supply and assistance in drafting the act, assisting the best Professionals on the market and the best rates.

The evolution of the market and the arrival of foreign customers in search of Property in Italy required elasticity and responsiveness of the services and assists provided by developing new tools and operational strategies to accompany the customer not only during the transaction phase but also In management once it has become property.

The Holiday House requires constant presence and control during periods when it is not inhabited and the Mountain in particular requires to observe basic rules for the maintenance of a property in perfect condition and ready to receive the Owner and its Guests.

Of all this, MEDIACONSUL is aware and is working to ensure that this condition is met at any time. Professionalism and expertise, coupled with the experience and knowledge of the places of personnel responsible for management and maintenance work, is the last of the added values that this small reality in the Italian real estate market has set in place to facilitate the customer and to do it Feel at home always. Wherever it is.

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