A property in the mountains will certainly give you intense emotions and moments as long as you can choose to live only the best and we are here to help you.
Offering a property that makes it easy to buy or renovate what we have chosen to buy or renovate; comfort in use, tranquility and security even when it comes to a last-minute arrival because this is a luxury that we must not give up.
Our property management services include accounting, marketing, reservations, cleaning, maintenance and more; we cover every aspect of caring for a holiday property.
Our experienced management teams have spent many years establishing strong relationships with the best local service providers, helping to ensure rapid turnaround and quality workmanship on all maintenance projects.
The professional staff on site offers valuable advantages for the owners.
Here are some of the “”pluses”” that help to create all this.

Properties' Services

To live your holiday as you want, choosing What, When and How? Make yourself comfortable!
We are pleased to offer all the services of Housekeeping that allow us to provide the best of your home right when it is required.

Keyless home

The ability to manage access and sensitive actions with a single device (incopiable) without any constraints, a model that can be exported to any other of your properties. Total control of all personnel who access for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, through a property manager or directly from where you are. The level of access is completely scalable and bound to the real needs of the competence that has to intervene.

Easy home

Choose to be at home even if we are thousands of miles away by managing and monitoring: accesses heating CCTV-alarm system and first aid audio/video electrical voltage automations (tents-doors-weather stations) spas Direct interface with the police connected to the alarm system (subject to authorisation from the PS office).

Data network

Whatever the choice of supplier (telephone carrier) with cable, 4G, satellite or mixed operator, the importance of having a non-redundant signal that preserves our health and that of our loved ones and ensures the coverage of the latest generation, stable and high quality WiFi signal in all areas, depending on the performance required by the service used (navigation-streaming IOT)

Dirty Room

A place that after outdoor activities becomes the main filter between the outdoor environment and the heat of your home, where the equipment (skis, boots, poles, bikes) and technical clothing with gloves and helmets are stored to be sanitized and dried separately with dedicated treatments.

Green & terrace

When the snow melts, terraces and gardens arouse our attention and we realize the added value of these areas. The location of the building and the greenery that accompanies it are and remain a value unchanged over time. Completing these spaces with functional furnishings (BBQ, lounge area, heating sources), allow you to live outdoors every season, expanding the potential of your home. Respecting the existing greenery with local essences and varieties, planted and cared for with everything necessary, allows you to fully enjoy it with your guests.

Wine cellar, dispensa, humidor

Emotional space reserved for the excellence of taste and smell.

Interior design Consulting

Assisting the property in the choice of furniture and in the selection of materials to reach the best compromise between taste and functionality on the indications of the client

Cleaning service

Service to the property (internal/external): furniture, curtains, furs, hoods. The service includes the cleaning of ordinary / extraordinary maintenance even during your presence in the property.


We provide home delivery of major international and local newspapers (by appointment) at agreed times.

Utility management

Volture, connection and monitoring / archiving of new users of all utilities and any other type of material dedicated to you on dedicated personal area


Everything you need to live your garden/terrace

Bank account

Carry out banking operations in Italy to dispose in your place through a dedicated current account

Fiscal expert

A professional who is responsible for drafting all the documentation relating to your property and manage the tax deadlines and payments in full compliance with the legislation of the host country

Check IN/OUT property

Every week security and a check with professionals who will make you sleep peacefully, no windows open, no lights left on, all as you would like on your return.

First aid alarm

Management of access to the property in the event of an alert from the alarm system connected to the police forces -Previous Police authorization-

Snow management

Snow clearance for walkways, driveways, terraces and car parks by hand or with snow throwers

Brokers assicurativo

Insurance Brokers Service (person and property). We offer with our partner SAVASS the activity of insurance brokerage throughout the country and abroad. The company is registered in the Single Register of Intermediaries in accordance with the law. Risk analysis on behalf of the client, offered to provide insurance coverage, including the management of claims for damages, direct and third parties.

Move e storage

Pack, store or send all the furniture and decorations wherever you want

Chef at home

There is too much confusion in the restaurant and the welcoming environment where you want to have lunch or dinner for a special occasion is just the one at home? No problem, we offer you the "chef at home" service. They can also offer you: shopping service, themed dinner, mise en place, sommelier service, home cooking classes, cake design and pastry.

Exclusive Food & Beverage

Together we can select, with the help of experts, wines and local and international gastronomic excellence.

Plus Services

Service auto

Ritiriamo l'auto, pensiamo noi al tagliando di controllo, eventuali riparazioni anche di carrozzeria, pneumatici winter, lavaggio interno ed esterno e riconsegna dell'auto al legittimo proprietario. Questo a Monaco e in Costa Azzurra.

Long rent e-bike

Together with our team of experts, assist you with the purchase of ATVs and / or vehicles that meet your needs for travel in the mountains.

Person's Services

It is not enough for us to take care of the property and related assets, we want to try to do the same with their owners/guests and therefore we have adopted the term Wellnesskeeping, which for us means adding life to your moments in the mountains.
This is an area that is constantly updated with new activities and renewed skills both summer and winter, we will keep you updated and greedy. Always


Exclusively for our customers, an initiative aimed at discovering the wild landscape of the Alpes-Maritimes through pedal-assisted bicycles (e-bikes). Our trails, from the alpine meadow (2,200 m a.s.l.) to the Mediterranean scrub and then down to the sea this year also include the beauty of the Langhe and Roero territory (UNESCO World Heritage Site).


But have you ever thought about what walking really means? Find your own pace, respect your own times, take the right breaks and leave for a new journey. And when we look at the world from the top, we'll forget all the tiredness and effort we've put into getting there, because as we walk, we'll remember who we are.

Horse Trekking

Trekking or simple walks available for those who want to spend one or more days immersed in nature participating in a trek where everything is planned and organized. Or the ideal activity for children and not, with excursions of a few hours up to ½ day on the paths suggested by our guides. Pure fun but without forgetting the technique, the safety and the professionalism of our guides and guides.

Introducing to Ski

Do you offer a unique experience to your children in the field of skiing? Put them in a healthy and dynamic environment by participating in the activities promoted by the Ski Club to start it to the best skiing technique in accordance with the best tradition of the Italian Winter Sports Federation. Whatever the level of your puppies, we have the right answer for you.

Personal trainer

Do you need a sports consultant to accompany you during summer and winter holidays? Your personal trainer, guaranteed Mediaconsul.


Shuttle service with Car/Suv/Van up to 9 seats equipped with winter gear. Departure to/from major airport destinations and express customer’s indication

Wine tasting

Organize a tasting at your home directly with the producer or visit the winery in the Langa.

Health care

Health service to the person. Have you been caught in a small accident or injury during your vacation? Do not let it disturb your happy moment on the snow. We can offer you qualified and qualified health care quickly and effectively to meet your needs with the highest standards of health care. Take it easy.

Baby sitting

Do you want to have the freedom to go out in the evening or simply take some time for yourself? Entrust yourself to selected staff that allows you total independence and maximum support to your children, directly in your home. Service and assistance should preferably be scheduled with 48 hours notice.



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